Trace Mobile Number in Pakistan with Name and CNIC

In the digital era, staying connected is key, but the freedom that mobile communication provides comes with its fair share of security concerns.

This is especially true in Pakistan, where the need for reliable methods to trace a mobile number with name and CNIC (Computerised National Identity Card) is critical.

The following long-form article provides comprehensive insights on this topic, using expert advice and the latest data.

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Understanding the Importance of Tracing Mobile Numbers:

Tracing a cellphone number is important, so let’s start there. These services are increasingly needed for security, kid monitoring, and phone tracking.

Legal Aspects of Mobile Number Tracing

It’s crucial to understand that tracing a mobile number in Pakistan with a name and CNIC must be done legally.

Misuse of such information can lead to hefty fines or even imprisonment under the Pakistan Telecommunication (Re-organisation) Act, 1996.

Role of Telecom Service Providers

Telecommunication service providers in Pakistan, such as Jazz, Telenor, Ufone, and Zong, play an integral part in mobile number tracing. These companies keep a detailed record of users’ data and can assist in tracing a mobile number.

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Best ways to trace mobile numbers in Pakistan with name and CNIC

Understanding the various ways to trace mobile numbers in Pakistan with name and CNIC can be beneficial in several situations. Here’s a brief overview of the options:

  • Mobile Tracker Apps
  • Using Online Services
  • Through Network Service Providers
  • Using Government Portals
  • Through Legal Authorities

Remember that privacy rules restrict mobile number tracing. Unauthorized trading is unethical and unlawful. Respect privacy and legality while tracing a cellphone number.

Mobile Tracker Apps

Mobile Tracker Apps

The ubiquity of smartphones has made mobile tracker applications increasingly popular. These apps promise to trace mobile numbers, often with the associated name and CNIC, in various parts of the world, including Pakistan.

This article will explore some of these apps, how they function, and critical considerations while using them.

1. Understanding Mobile Tracker Apps

Mobile tracker apps are digital tools designed to locate and trace mobile numbers. Some popular examples include Mobile Number Locator, Truecaller, and GPS Phone Tracker.

their functionality can vary, these apps usually promise the ability to provide details like the registered name and CNIC associated with a specific number.

2. List of Best mobile tracker apps to trace mobile number

  1. Mobile Number Locator
  2. Truecaller
  3. GPS Phone Tracker
  4. Find My iPhone
  5. GPS Tracking Pro

3. Mobile Number Locator:

Mobile Number Locator

Mobile Number Locator stands out as a useful tool designed to help users trace mobile numbers, revealing their approximate geographic origins.

Usages: To use the Mobile Number Locator, one merely inputs the mobile number they wish to trace into the app’s interface. The app then uses publicly accessible data to identify and display the number’s associated telecom circle.

Benefits: The core advantage of using a Mobile Number Locator lies in its simplicity and efficiency. It helps identify the origin of unknown calls, assists in locating lost or misplaced devices, and can even be used to monitor the whereabouts of family members, ensuring safety and peace of mind.

4. Truecaller:


Truecaller is a globally recognized app, uniquely designed to reveal the identity of unknown callers in real time, enhancing telecommunication safety and convenience.

Usages The app is remarkably easy to use. After installation, Truecaller runs in the background, identifying incoming calls from numbers not stored in your contacts. Users can also manually search numbers within the app.

Benefits The primary benefits of Truecaller are its caller identification and spam-blocking features. It reduces telecommunication nuisances by blocking unwanted calls, filters out spam messages, and helps users avoid potential scams. Furthermore, it allows for seamless communication by providing a platform to search for specific contacts and dial directly from the app.

5. GPS Phone Tracker:

GPS Phone Tracker

GPS Phone Tracker is a powerful app offering real-time location tracking, transforming your smartphone into a reliable tracking device.

Usages Upon installation and configuration, GPS Phone Tracker provides real-time tracking of the device’s location. The app relies on the device’s built-in GPS, making it ideal for locating lost phones or keeping tabs on loved ones for safety purposes.

Benefits The primary advantage of GPS Phone Tracker lies in its capacity to provide real-time, accurate location data. It aids in device recovery in case of loss or theft and offers peace of mind for parents or guardians tracking their family members’ whereabouts. Its intuitive interface and robust functionality make tracking hassle-free.

6. Privacy and Legal Concerns

While these apps can be useful, it’s essential to remember that tracing a mobile number to access personal details such as a name or CNIC is a sensitive process regulated by privacy laws. Unauthorized access or misuse of this information can lead to legal repercussions.

7. Evaluating App Legitimacy and Security

Before using any mobile tracker app, ensure its legitimacy. Check for user reviews, data handling policies, and whether the app respects privacy laws. Beware of apps that may carry malware or misuse personal data.

Using Online Services

In today’s digital age, the internet offers a myriad of solutions for various needs, including tracing mobile numbers.

With an array of online services available, you can potentially trace a mobile number in Pakistan along with the associated name and CNIC.

This article explores the usage, effectiveness, and considerations of using these online platforms for tracing purposes.

1. The Landscape of Online Services

There’s a multitude of online platforms that claim to provide services for tracing mobile numbers. These services often promise details such as the registered name and CNIC linked to the number. However, it’s essential to approach such platforms with caution.

2. Evaluating Legitimacy and Reliability

Before using any online service, it’s crucial to verify its legitimacy and reliability. Consider factors such as user reviews, service history, and any associated legal disclosures.

3. Privacy Considerations and Legal Implications

Tracing a mobile number and accessing personal information without consent is both illegal and unethical. Always ensure that any tracing conducted through online services complies with privacy laws and respects individual privacy rights.

4. Risks

Some online services may be fraudulent or have ulterior motives such as identity theft or spreading malware. It’s vital to ensure any service you use is trustworthy and secure.

5. Alternatives to Online Services

If online services seem unreliable or insecure, consider alternative methods of tracing, such as through network service providers, government portals, or legal authorities, which tend to be more regulated and trustworthy.

Through Network Service Providers

Network service providers are integral in the telecommunication sector. In addition to offering services such as voice calls, data, and messaging, they also hold substantial information about their users, which can be crucial in certain situations.

This article delves into how one can leverage network service providers to trace mobile numbers in Pakistan with name and CNIC.

1. The Role of Network Service Providers

Network service providers in Pakistan, such as Jazz, Telenor, Zong, and Ufone, maintain comprehensive records of their subscribers.

This includes names, mobile numbers, CNIC numbers, and sometimes even address information.

2. Legalities and Consent

Privacy rules restrict access to such data. Without legal justification or customer agreement, network service providers cannot divulge subscriber information.

3. Law Enforcement and Emergencies

In cases involving law enforcement or emergencies, service providers may cooperate with authorities to provide necessary information. This may include tracing a mobile number linked with criminal activities or locating a person in distress.

4. Customer Service

A subscriber may access their own information via the customer service department of their network service provider. However, the scope of information they can retrieve is generally limited and does not include tracking the current location.

5. Services Vary by Provider

Each service provider might have slightly different policies about providing subscriber information. It is always best to check with the specific service provider about their protocols and services.

6. A Note on Privacy and Ethics

While it can be possible to trace mobile numbers with name and CNIC through network service providers, it’s important to remember the ethical implications. Unauthorized tracing or misuse of personal information is both illegal and unethical.

Using Government Portals

In today’s digital age, government portals offer a wealth of information and services to citizens. One of these services includes the possibility of tracing mobile numbers.

This article examines how government portals can aid in tracing mobile numbers in Pakistan with the associated name and CNIC.

1. The Functionality of Government Portals

Government portals, like the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority’s (PTA) Device Verification System, offer various services to facilitate citizens. These services include device verification, complaint registration, and more.

2. Tracing Mobile Numbers with Device Verification System (DVS)

DVS is a system introduced by the PTA to ensure that only type-approved and legally sold devices are operational in Pakistan. While it isn’t primarily designed for tracing mobile numbers, it can provide some information about the owner of a registered device.

3. Limitations and Regulations

It’s crucial to note that the ability to trace mobile numbers with a name and CNIC through government portals is limited. These portals prioritize privacy and have stringent regulations to prevent the misuse of personal information.

4. Privacy Laws and Ethical Considerations

Unauthorized tracing of mobile numbers and accessing personal information is illegal and unethical. Using government portals for such activities without proper legal grounds or the consent of the concerned individual is strictly prohibited.

5. Future Possibilities

As technology advances, the services offered by government portals may expand, potentially offering more sophisticated tracking capabilities. However, any such developments will always be within the boundaries of privacy laws and ethical guidelines.

Through Legal Authorities

In certain situations, tracing a mobile number becomes crucial. However, it’s essential to remember the privacy laws and ethical considerations that govern this process.

Legal authorities often come into the picture when such a need arises. This article examines how legal authorities can aid in tracing mobile numbers in Pakistan with the associated name and CNIC.

1. The Role of Legal Authorities

Legal authorities, such as law enforcement agencies, possess the ability to trace mobile numbers under particular circumstances. Their role is vital when it comes to solving criminal cases, missing person reports, or emergency situations.

2. Working with Service Providers

When a legitimate need arises, legal authorities may request information from network service providers. With the correct legal permissions, these service providers can supply details like the registered name and CNIC number associated with a mobile number.

3. Legal Grounds for Tracing

Tracing mobile numbers typically requires a justified legal reason. Whether it’s a case of criminal activity or an emergency, legal authorities must have appropriate grounds and permissions before initiating the tracing process.

4. Privacy Laws and Regulations

Privacy laws in Pakistan strictly regulate the tracing of mobile numbers. Unauthorized tracing is illegal and can lead to severe penalties. Legal authorities must adhere to these laws and respect individual privacy rights during their investigations.

5. Technology Utilized by Legal Authorities

Legal authorities often employ advanced technology for tracing mobile numbers. This includes systems that can intercept calls, triangulate mobile signals, and more.

6. Collaboration with Telecommunication Regulatory Authorities

In some cases, legal authorities may collaborate with telecommunication regulatory authorities like the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) for effective tracing.

How To Trace Mobile Number Current Location Online

Do you have to pick SIM Number data like the SIM owner’s name? Our services include locating, addressing, and disclosing any Pakistani mobile/cell number.

The Phone Number Tracker is a free online application that may instantly find out about a missed cell/guest.

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Trace Mobile Number Current Location Through Satellite

A satellite-connected GPS tracking application is ideal for monitoring your mobile phone.

1st step: Find a GPS app online. Instamapper, Buddyway, and Google Maps for Mobile are among the free applications.

2nd Step: Google Maps for smartphones. This job takes the longest. It makes your phone a GPS beacon and route planner.

3rd step: Buddyway is an excellent choice. Google Maps is used here too, although it’s more crucial. It records your journey path and shares it with others.


Is it possible to trace a mobile number in Pakistan?

Pakistani mobile numbers may be tracked via GPS or cell tower triangulation. However, this activity may only be lawfully undertaken by law enforcement authorities or communications service providers in specified situations, such as a criminal investigation or an emergency.

Can I use online services to trace a mobile number in Pakistan?

Many web services that purport to track mobile numbers or divulge user information violate privacy rules, are incorrect, or are fake. Never utilize such services to invade privacy.

What can I do if I receive a call from an unknown number in Pakistan?

Avoid giving out personal information if a call from an unknown number appears suspicious. Report threatening, harassing, or harmful calls to your local law enforcement and telecommunications provider.


Pakistani mobile number tracing using a name and CNIC involves technology, legality, privacy, and security. Understanding the obstacles and hazards is essential to safely and legally approach this issue.

While there are several techniques, each with merits and downsides, data protection and legal compliance must always be prioritized.

Mobile tracing services are projected to improve and become more user-friendly as Pakistan’s digital ecosystem evolves, providing a better, safer future for all Pakistani mobile users.


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