Top 10 Best Lipstick Brands for 2023 in France

France has long been regarded as a global hub for fashion, beauty, and sophistication. When it comes to lipstick, French brands have a reputation for their exquisite quality, luxurious formulas, and timeless elegance. As we step into 2024, we unveil the top 10 best lipstick brands in France, each offering a unique blend of artistry, innovation, and French chic.

From classic reds to modern nudes and vibrant hues, these brands have everything you need to adorn your lips with grace and style.


Chanel, the epitome of French luxury, is renowned for its iconic lipstick offerings. The brand’s lipsticks combine elegance, sophistication, and superior quality.

From creamy textures to satin finishes, Chanel lipsticks provide intense pigmentation, long-lasting wear, and a comfortable application. With a wide range of shades that suit various skin tones, Chanel is the epitome of timeless beauty.

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Dior is synonymous with haute couture and elegance, and their lipstick collection is no exception. The brand’s lipsticks are crafted with exceptional artistry, offering a range of finishes and shades to suit every preference. Dior lipsticks provide intense color, moisturizing formulas, and long-lasting wear.

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Guerlain, a French heritage brand, exudes sophistication and luxury. Their lipstick range boasts exquisite formulas, luxurious textures, and a range of finishes from matte to satin.

Guerlain lipsticks offer intense pigmentation, comfort, and longevity. With a focus on high-quality ingredients, Guerlain ensures that their lipsticks not only look beautiful but also provide nourishment and hydration to the lips. You can also learn in detail about Guerlain from the Ulike website.

Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) is a French brand that captures the essence of modern luxury. YSL lipsticks are known for their rich colors, smooth application, and long-lasting formulas.

From classic reds to bold statement shades, YSL offers a wide range of options to express your individuality. The iconic gold packaging adds a touch of glamour to these highly coveted lipsticks.

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Lancôme is a French beauty brand that epitomizes elegance and femininity. Their lipstick collection combines timeless beauty with innovative formulas. Lancôme lipsticks offer rich, pigmented colors, a variety of finishes, and comfortable wear. With shades that cater to all skin tones, Lancôme allows you to create versatile looks for every occasion.


Givenchy is known for its avant-garde approach to fashion and beauty, and its lipstick range reflects this creativity. The brand offers a selection of luxurious lipsticks with unique textures, finishes, and vibrant colors. Givenchy lipsticks provide intense color payoff, long-lasting wear, and a velvety smooth application.

L’Oréal Paris

L’Oréal Paris, a French brand accessible to all, offers a diverse range of lipsticks that combine quality and affordability. From classic shades to trendsetting colors, L’Oréal Paris lipsticks cater to every style and preference. Their formulas provide comfortable wear, vibrant pigmentation, and a range of finishes to suit various occasions.


Bourjois, a French brand with a rich heritage, offers lipsticks that combine style and playfulness. The brand is known for its colorful and versatile lip products, providing options for both bold and natural looks. Bourjois lipsticks offer comfortable wear, long-lasting color, and a range of finishes that add a touch of French glamor to your makeup routine.

Make Up For Ever

Make Up For Ever is a French professional makeup brand that is highly regarded in the beauty industry. Their lipstick range offers a diverse array of shades, finishes, and formulas. Whether you prefer a matte, satin, or glossy finish, Make Up For Ever lipsticks provide intense color, long-lasting wear, and a smooth application.

By Terry

By Terry is a French luxury brand that combines innovation with timeless elegance. Their lipstick range features high-quality formulas infused with skincare benefits. By Terry, lipsticks offer rich pigmentation, a range of finishes, and nourishing ingredients that leave the lips hydrated and supple.


When it comes to lipstick, French brands are synonymous with sophistication, luxury, and timeless beauty. The top 10 lipstick brands listed above for 2024 in France offer a wide range of shades, finishes, and formulas to cater to every woman’s desires. From iconic classics to innovative trends, these brands embody French chic and allow you to express your individuality with luscious lips. Embrace the elegance and artistry of these renowned French brands, and let your lips become the epitome of beauty and style.

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